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May 8, 2002
Page: 15
Memo:BEST OF DETROIT 2002 special section

Free Press staff

Best multitasker: Desma Reid-Coleman is current president of the Greater Detroit chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners, and for good reason: She owns four local businesses, including Fashion Sense, an upscale resale shop in Detroit; Kary Kart/American Locker, which provides luggage carts at Metro Airport; Innovative Staffing Services, which supplies industrial labor, and Quality Professional Services Inc., a human resources, business development and event-planning company. Under Reid-Coleman's leadership, the Detroit NAWBO chapter has become the largest in the country.

Best apology: After the city accidentally mailed out tax forms with recipients' Social Security numbers on the outside, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick sent each taxpayer an apology letter. In plain language, hizzoner took full responsibility and said the words, "We apologize" (not "We regret"). Hey, former presidents could take a lesson.

Best Cokie Roberts look-alike: Jennifer Granholm, state attorney general and gubernatorial contender.

Best designer: You can't miss Dominic Pangborn's distinctive neckties. They're brilliantly colored and exotically patterned, and they show up regularly around the necks of Channel 2 newsman Huel Perkins and former Mayor Dennis Archer. In addition, the designer owns Pangborn Design Collection, one of the more successful stores at Detroit Metro Airport. It features his signature neckties and scarves as well as watches, handbags, pillows, picture frames and jewelry -- all exceedingly well designed, of course. If you make a purchase on your way out of town, they'll hold it till you return. 734-247-4269.

Best hostess: The food at Vienna Cafe is great; its unusual salads -- combining fruits and vegetables, hot and cold, sweet and spicy -- are remarkable. But the hostess is even more remarkable. Welcoming, accommodating owner Vesna Dulbic is likely to take the charge off your bill if you don't finish your latte. Ditto if she gets the slightest impression you didn't enjoy your meal. 15414 Mack Ave., Grosse Pointe Park. 313-417-0089.

Best way to meet a stranger: Consider the possibilities. You pay a group called Table for Eight -- which bills itself as a civilized alternative to dating services -- to get you and seven other strangers together for dinner. You spend the meal getting to know each other and waiting for magic to happen. Even if there's no romance, at least you know seven more people. 248-543-1000 or


BEST MOTHER-DAUGHTER TEAM: Weight Watcher goddess Florine Mark has called in a reinforcement to help metro Detroiters -- among the fattest people in the country -- slim down. Now appearing in television commercials with her: svelte daughter Lisa Mark, bringing a multigenerational appeal to the weight loss system.

BEST WEDDING WE'D REALLY LIKE TO CRASH: He proposed in the desert near aa pink Cadillac.We can't wait to see what will happen when Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson tie the knot.